1. Education
    North Carolina is the 9th largest state in the nation but ranks 41st in teacher pay and 50th in principal pay. The legislature's inability to offer competitive pay has cost North Carolina thousands of fine teachers to other states. North Carolina cannot afford to lose more talented educators. The legislature must raise teacher and administrator pay to show that we value our educators and the countless hours of work they do to provide our children with a sound education and bright future.
  2. Women and Children
    I want to make sure that the most vulnerable members of the family, women and children, are protected from harm. From access to child care to protections from domestic abuse, I will introduce legislation that reinstitute day care subsidies, mandate equal pay for equal work and other protections to champion those who have been historically cast aside in family affairs.
  3. Economy
    Our tax policies are harmful to small businesses and middle-class families. Wealthy individuals and large corporations have been receiving tax breaks while small businesses and middle-class families pay more in taxes. Progressive tax policies, such as Earned-Income Tax Credit, will promote our working families and small businesses.
  4. Health Care
    Medicaid expansion will benefit low-income citizens who work hard to make a positive contribution to our state. The Republican leadership resisted expanding the program in North Carolina to cover the low-income population. North Carolinians are already paying federal taxes for the program but not reaping the benefits of the expansion. North Carolina deserves a government that does not play partisan games when dealing with the health of its citizens.